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You have your own website ?
Make money by advertising our services directly on your website or to your subscribers. We provide you with suitable marketing materials like text links, banners, logos, scripts,.

Your customers need domain names and/or hosting solutions?
Advise them to check over our services and earn commissions !

How does it work ?

Your goal is to send us your visitors or subscribers to make purchases. For this, the ways and means of communication that you can deploy are numerous:

  • a simple link or banner (redirected to our website)

  • a complete section on your website introducing one or several services

  • our domain name search engine onto your website

  • your recommendation to your customers, acquaintances and friends

  • an article written on your website

  • messages posted on social networks

By entering your affiliate ID to any URL or HTML form from your site, the user will receive a cookie on his computer for 30 days. Therefore, all purchases will be automatically attached to your affiliate account even if he does not order on the same day. It is also possible to enter your affiliate ID manually during the order process.


When payment for an order is confirmed, the commission below will be paid according to the product sold and its period of time. For example you earn 10 times the commission for a domain name registered over 10 years.

For domain names

 Extension Amount / Year  Extension Amount / Year  Extension Amount / Year  Extension Amount / Year
 .AFRICA.COM€ 3.00 .ALSACE€ 3.00 .ARCHI€ 6.00 .ART€ 6.00
 .BAR€ 6.00 .BE€ 1.00 .BI€ 3.00 .BIO€ 6.00
 .BIZ€ 6.00 .BJ€ 3.00 .BLOG€ 6.00 .BOUTIQUE€ 6.00
 .BRUSSELS€ 6.00 .BZH€ 1.00 .CA€ 3.00 .CD€ 3.00
 .CF€ 3.00 .CG€ 12.00 .CH€ 3.00 .CI€ 3.00
 .CLUB€ 6.00 .CM€ 3.00 .CO€ 6.00 .COM€ 3.00
 .COM.BI€ 3.00 .COM.CM€ 3.00 .COM.GN€ 3.00 .COM.HT€ 3.00
 .CONSTRUCTION€ 6.00 .CORSICA€ 6.00 .DESIGN€ 6.00 .DIGITAL€ 6.00
 .DJ€ 3.00 .DZ€ 3.00 .EDUCATION€ 6.00 .EU€ 6.00
 .EU.COM€ 3.00 .EXPERT€ 6.00 .FINANCE€ 6.00 .FR€ 1.00
 .GA€ 3.00 .GF€ 3.00 .GP€ 3.00 .GQ€ 3.00
 .GUIDE€ 6.00 .HT€ 3.00 .IMMO€ 6.00 .INDUSTRIES€ 6.00
 .INFO€ 6.00 .INTERNATIONAL€ 6.00 .IO€ 3.00 .LU€ 3.00
 .MA€ 3.00 .MAISON€ 6.00 .MARKETING€ 6.00 .MC€ 12.00
 .MEDIA€ 6.00 .ML€ 3.00 .MOBI€ 3.00 .MQ€ 3.00
 .MU€ 3.00 .NE€ 3.00 .NET€ 3.00 .ORG€ 6.00
 .PARIS€ 6.00 .PHOTOS€ 6.00 .PM€ 3.00 .PRO€ 3.00
 .QUEBEC€ 3.00 .RE€ 3.00 .SALON€ 6.00 .SC€ 3.00
 .SCIENCE€ 6.00 .SERVICES€ 6.00 .SN€ 3.00 .STUDIO€ 6.00
 .SWISS€ 6.00 .TAXI€ 6.00 .TF€ 3.00 .TG€ 3.00
 .TN€ 3.00 .TV€ 6.00 .VIDEO€ 6.00 .VILLAS€ 6.00
 .VIN€ 6.00 .VOYAGE€ 6.00 .WF€ 3.00 .YT€ 3.00

For hosting solutions

 Type of offer Amount / Year
 .WEBL€ 48.00
 .WEBM€ 24.00
 .WEBS€ 12.00
 .Spamora L€ 48.00
 .Spamora M€ 24.00
 .Spamora S€ 12.00

All commissions are visible at any time in your account, section "Affiliate". Commissions are not negotiable, subject to change without notice and are only applicable to customer having the retail pricing.

Your payment


When the amount of your commissions has reached € 50, you can request the generation of a commission report in your account. 

If you are a legal entity, it will be used as a basis for invoicing FranceDNS. If you are an individual , the report will be enough.

Commissions are always in Euros Taxes excluded and France is considered the place of sale.

  • If you are a legal entity, you will have to add the French VAT at the rate in force on your invoice
  • If you are a legal entity with an intracommunity VAT number or based outside E.U, your invoice must VAT Excluded


Upon receipt of your invoice or upon generation of a commission report (for individual), the payment is done within 30 days.

We can process payment by bank transfers, check to France, Western Union, Skrill or Paypal. Also, if you are a regular customer, it is possible to move your commissions as credit for your own usage.


Add a link

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Use marketing materials

You can get some marketing materials like our logo, banners, to be installed on your site. Feel free to contact us for custom materials.
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