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.SWISS does not intended to replace .CH, the national extension of Switzerland, and does not represent a geographical extension such an area or a province. The .SWISS is dedicated to the Swiss community and aims to highlight the universally recognized values of Switzerland such as quality, precision and reliability.

The registration of .SWISS domains is restricted to the legal entity registered in Switzerland

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Prices and Services

Registration €98.00 VAT Ex. / yr
Renewal €98.00 VAT Ex. / yr
Restoration €142.00 VAT Ex.
Transfer €91.90 VAT Ex.
Trade €12.00 VAT Ex.
Trustee service Not available
Local presence service Not available

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DNS management
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Redirection of email addresses
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Technical information


Available extensions swiss
Registration period 1 to 10 years
Renew period 1 to 10 years
Syntax From 3 to 63 alphanumeric characters or hyphens
IDN support Yes
Premium domains No
DNSSec support No

.swiss with FranceDNS

Accreditation Through our founding company Netim, ICANN accredited
Special terms and conditions None
Registration timeline 20 days
Activation timeline 6-12 hours



To register a .SWISS domain name, the owner must match these following conditions:

An organization registered in Switzerland

Domain name:
No generic terms

All applications for a .SWISS domain name must be approved by the registry according to the Eligibility and Name Selection criteria set in the .swiss General Registration Policy. 
In case of rejection of the registration request, we will proceed with the refund of the order.

Eligibility of the registrant:
A check of the registrant's informations will be done on the validity of the registration number and its adequacy with the name of the entity.

Currently it is not possible for an individual, even citizen or residant in Switzerland, to obtain a .SWISS domain name . 

Eligibility of the domain name:
Applications are possible for the following domain names :

  • denominations related to public authorities and their tasks
  • protected brands in Switzerland
  • the names of associations and foundations
  • corporate names registered in the commercial register
  • geographical names: for this category, it is necessary to prove a legitimate interest or receive the authorization of the entity concerned
  • other names: any sequence of characters provided there is a clear relationship with the applicant or the intended use (such as product or services, and so on...)

Generic names generally refer to a category or class of goods (e.g. chocolate.swiss, cookies.swiss, pizza.swiss, watches.swiss), services (e.g. bank.swiss, finance.swiss, hairdresser.swiss, insurance.swiss), persons or groups (e.g. consumers.swiss, lawyers.swiss, students.swiss, families.swiss), organizations (e.g. universities.swiss, associations.swiss, clubs.swiss), objects (e.g. machines.swiss, tools.swiss, vehicles.swiss), industries (e.g. bakeries.swiss, carpentry.swiss, construction.swiss) or activities (e.g. soccer.swiss, sports.swiss, yoga.swiss) or that describe these.

These very generic terms may only be awarded under naming mandate (formal application for registering a group of domain names that benefit the entire community). Please note that FranceDNS does not offer this type of registration. Therefore, if an application is defined as a generic term by the Registry, the registration will be rejected.

Publication delay:

All validated names will be published on registry's website for a period of 20 days, allowing contending applications to be filed during such period, prior to turning into registrations.


Renewal procedure must be carried out before the domain's expiration date otherwise the domain will switch to a blocked status (not active) for 30 days. If the domain is not renewed at the end of this period, then it will switch to redemption status for another 30 days, during which it can be restored. If not, it will be definitely deleted.

Change of registrar:

To transfer a .SWISS domain, you need to:

  • ensure that the domain has not been registered/transfered in the last 60 days or renewed in the last 45 days
  • ensure that the protection against transfers (Registrar Lock) is not activated
  • ensure that the owner and administrative contact email adresses are active
  • get the authorization code with the current registrar

Accordance with the ICANN inter-registrar transfer rules, FranceDNS will contact the administrative contact and the owner by email to obtain their agreement. Both will have 5 days to approve and reply :

  • If all replies are positive within 5 days, the transfer will be carried out.
  • If no reply is received within 5 days, the request will be cancelled
  • If a refusal from the owner or admin contact is received, the request will be cancelled.

If the transfer can be initiated, we will send the request to the registry with the authorization code. It then requests the agreement of the current registrar, it will have 5 days to reply:

  • If the reply is positive within 5 days, the transfer will be carried out.
  • If no reply is received within 5 days, the transfer will be carried out automatically.
  • If a refusal is received, the request will be cancelled.

Once the transfer has been finalized, the domain name's expiration date is extended for a one-year period.

Change of ownership:

To transfer the registrant of a .SWISS domain, you need to ensure that the current and new owner email adresses are active.

According to the ICANN rules, FranceDNS will contact both parties by email to obtain their agreement. Both will have 7 days to approve and reply. If a refusal or no reply is received during the timeframe, the request will be cancelled.

Once the transfer has been finalized, the domain name's expiration date is not updated.

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* Price if the holder of the domain does not resides in the country concerned.
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