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€ 32.00 VAT Ex. / yr
.TV domain name

.TV domains are relevant for all projects related to TV/web TV and video streaming.

As your principal domain or in addition to your existing website, .TV allows you to highlight your video content in an original and impactful way.

If your website features a "play" button, then .TV is for you!

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Prices and Services

Registration € 32.00 VAT Ex. / yr
Renewal € 32.00 VAT Ex. / yr
Restoration € 68.00 VAT Ex.
Transfer € 23.50 VAT Ex.
Trade Free of charge
Trustee service Not available
Local presence service Not available

The following services are included with the domain :

Complete online management
DNS management
Redirection of the domain and sub-domains
Redirection of email addresses
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Technical information


Available extensions tv
Registration period 1 to 10 years
Renew period 1 to 10 years
Syntax From 1 to 63 alphanumeric characters or hyphens
IDN support Yes
Premium domains Yes
DNSSec support No

.tv with FranceDNS

Accreditation Through our founding company Netim, ICANN accredited
Special terms and conditions None
Registration timeline Immediate
Activation timeline 6-12 hours



A .TV domain name is totally open, without any restrictions.


A renewal extends the domain name for the chosen duration and up to 9 years.

Renewal procedure must be carried out before the domain's expiration date otherwise the domain will switch to a blocked status (not active) for 30 days. If the domain is not renewed at the end of this period, then it will switch to redemption status for another 30 days, during which it can be restored. If not, it will be definitely deleted.

To renew a domain, please follow our reminder notifications or create an order directly in your account, "My orders" > "Renewals".

Change of registrar:

To transfer a .TV domain name, you need to get its authorization code with your current registrar.

As soon as the transfer is initiated by FranceDNS, if the authorization code is valid and if the domain status is transferrable, the registry requests the current registrar agreement, which has to reply within 5 days:

  • If the reply is positive BEFORE 5 days, the transfer is realized.
  • If there is no reply within 5 days, the transfer is automatically realized
  • If the reply is negative, the transfer is canceled.

At the end of the operations, the expiration date is extended for one year.

Change of ownership:

This procedure allows the owner to transfer a domain name to a third party.

A form between the seller and the buyer should be filled and returned to FranceDNS with requested documents. Once the request is accepted, the change of ownership is done.

At the end of the operations, the expiration date remains unchanged.

Extensions price list
Our choice
€ 54.00
€ 6.00
€ 52.00
€ 48.00
€ 12.00
€ 20.00
€ 26.00
€ 4.00
€ 16.00
€ 24.00
€ 12.00
€ 28.00
€ 12.00
€ 36.00
€ 3.00
€ 24.00
€ 8.00
€ 12.00
€ 550.00
€ 28.00
€ 28.00
€ 28.00
€ 4.00
€ 8.00
€ 48.00
€ 40.00
€ 8.00
€ 6.00
€ 6.00
€ 12.00
€ 16.00
€ 24.00
€ 8.00
€ 22.00
€ 48.00
€ 42.00
€ 6.00
€ 6.00
€ 398.00
€ 12.00
€ 10.00
€ 32.00
€ 24.00
€ 40.00
€ 8.00
€ 40.00
* Price if the holder of the domain does not resides in the country concerned.
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