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What is a SSL certificate ?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) is a method of secured online transactions. It is based on the principle of encryption using a public key when transmitting data between the client and the server.

The SSL certificate is a file that, combined with its public and private keys, guarantees the confidentiality of data transmitted between the web server and the user's browser.

Our SSL offer

FranceDNS offers a SSL certificate registration which will protect, inter alia, a section of your website (as for example an order process or a customer area).

  • 40 to 256 bits encryption
  • 2048 bits key
  • Browser compatibility: 99+%
  • 10 000 $ warranty on the transactions
  • Free replacement if you have to reinstall the certificate on an other host provider or if you lost your private key.
Standard certificate

This certificate allows to protect a single address such as www.mydomain.com

Get it for € 29.00

Wildcard certificate

This certifcate allows to protect all the addresses of your domain (subdomains).

Get it for € 129.00