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The reseller program has been specifically designed to enable players in the Internet sector (hosting providers, registrars, intellectual property firms, web agency, content providers, etc.) to provide a complete and reliable domain name service to their customers with or without white label.

Discover how reselling our services can increase your competitiveness, simplify the management of your portfolio and increase your profits.


You can manage your domain names portfolio through two interfaces:

  • API
    The automated control via an universal API

  • Web Interface
    The simple and direct management via a web interface allowing you to manage a large volume of domain names and perform mass updates

You can also order the registration or transfer of your domains directly on our website, to benefit from our intuitive order phase.

We provide these interfaces in a test environment OTE (Operational Test Environment) completely identical to the production so you can test the features, functions and integration into your system.

We do not provide interfaces for your customers. If your need requires an interface for your customers, please see "Softwares"


Applied prices are calculated from the cost of operations + management fees generally : 2 EUR for automated extensions and 10 EUR for manual extensions (paper application forms, etc)

Prices are then calculated daily following the rates of exchange and the prices charged by Registries. This calculation method is simple and transparent:

  • No registration or membership fees, or minimum volume
    You are charged only when operations are carried out successfully. Your account can be in stand-by until your project is successful or in anticipation of future registration requests from your customers.

  • We do not apply degressive prices such as other registrars,
    You have a fixed and competitive cost from the first domain.

  • We immediately update prices when Registries do so
    If a Registry decrease the registration's cost, you will immediately benefit from it!

  • We immediately update prices following the exchange rates
    If the euro becomes stronger than other currencies, you will immediately benefit from it!

  • We take a management fee only if the transaction is paid at the Registries.
    Therefore the transfer-in or the change of owner of many extensions is free. You can transfer your portfolio with minimum expense.

See current prices


Prepaid Account
All paid transactions are settled from a prepaid account in Euros and can be credited with a minimum of 10 € through all payment methods provided by FranceDNS. The amount of the prepaid account can be recovered according to the contractual terms.

Monthly billing
In the early days of each month, an invoice is generated giving the total of paid transactions during the previous month, the account balance and the summary of all paid operations.

So you get one monthly bill to incorporate into your accounting.

Only when carried out successfully
Operations are billed only when operations are carried out successfully at the Registry and confirmed by FranceDNS. Thus the registration attempts or requests in error are not charged.

White Label

We thought this reseller program from the start to be used as a white label.

  • We will never contact your customers directly, all our notifications are sent by email or via the API. (However, please note that we have no control over the emails sent by Registries directly to the owners)

  • In your domain names WHOIS informations, contacts you have specified will be listed (as far as possible with Registries, some systematically display accredited registrar)

    As for extensions where technically feasible (especially when we publish the whois excerpt), we will clearly show your information as a reseller.

  • In the paper-based processes such as registration forms, etc., our logo and our details will not be given. Depending on the case, you may have the option to use your own forms.

We do not provide interfaces for your customers. If your need requires an interface for your customers, please see "Softwares"

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