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The Web Interface to manage your portfolio

Our Web interface allows you to easily and efficiently manage your portfolio of domain names through its intuitiveness and its many features. Some examples:

Resellers Features

API Forms

As a Reseller you have access to the API to automate operations from your information system.

However, some complex operations or those not requiring automation can be achieved directly from the interface using API forms. Each API function is documented and has its specific form to be called manually.

Operations follow-up

Follow all your operations requests whatever the interface (API, interface or CMS modules)

The status will indicate if it is completed, in progress or in error with the corresponding message. You can also obtain the necessary documents to complete the operation.

Reseller Account Settings

The latter is only available in this interface. You can adjust following settings:

  • Receiving or not receiving the results of operations by email
  • The threshold alert for the balance of your prepaid account
  • The whois signature for .COM and .NET domain names
  • The default status for auto-renewing services

Basic Features

Transfer Follow-up

Procedures to change your registrar can be very different from one extension to another, with actions to achieve, this functionality precisely monitors incoming and outgoing transfers.

When transferring several informations are displayed such as the status of the operation, the possible actions of contacts, documents to be submitted or, where applicable, the reason for the failure. Below is an example for INFO

Export your data

By exporting the list of your domain names, your web or email forwardings in TXT and CSV format, you can have a full view to check the settings especially if you manage a large portfolio.

The export can also be imported into a spreadsheet or in your information system.

Mass Updates

All operations can be applied on multiple domain names at once as a batch. This helps to speed up the management of your portfolio if you have many domain names !

You want to activate the auto-renewal, change the DNS name servers or retrieve authorization codes of all your domains? One request is enough !

Notes and Tags

Annotations allow you to save information about a domain name, for example to remind you to perform an operation. With the notes, you can make a custom follow-up your domains.

By tagging your domains with codes, such as codes of your customers or any other information, you can quickly find them via search filters.

Searches and filters

For users who have a lot of data, each section has a search filter to narrow the list of results, while allowing you to choose the number of records per page.

Similarly, each column can be sorted in ascending or descending order to clearly visualize the information sought. .

Hosts Management

The hosts are DNS names that can be used either for your own servers or to replace your hosting service provider ones.

This is useful to hide it and provide your services as a white label.

The feature supports up to 10 IPv4 addresses and 10 IPv6 addresses for the same host.

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